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Media   |   20/08/15

Promote Safe Ministry in your church

We’re excited about the new resources and web site that we hope will help your church develop a culture of safe ministry.

In order to provide an environment that is safe from any form of harm, the whole church community needs to be aware of safe ministry policies and guidelines.
You may like to consider including the following notice (or something like it) in your church news to inform the church of some recent developments in safe ministry.

Church news/bulletin notice

The Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney has recently released new policies regarding safe ministry to children and youth, called the Safe Ministry Journey. You can find the Safe Ministry Journey documents at the new Safe Ministry website:
The website contains information for survivors of abuse who may be seeking support, as well as information for leaders, parents and congregation members regarding guidelines for ministry with children and youth.

Promotional PowerPoint slides:
Safe Ministry promo slide 1
Safe Ministry promo slide 2

Report Abuse

‘Report Abuse’ PowerPoint slides:
Use this regularly in your notices slide pack.
Report Abuse Slide – narrow screen
Report Abuse Slide – widescreen