Safe Ministry Records System – How to use

Keeping Safe Ministry Records

Safe Ministry Records Online is a database designed for any church to use as a safe, secure easy to use system for maintaining the electronic aspect of parish Safe ministry records.

You can read about the Safe Ministry Records Online system here, and if your church would like to use the system, email Neil Atwood

This is a guide to the basic functions of the system, but if you have any questions not covered here, please contact us directly.
This guide assumes that you already have the basic details of your church members set up in the system (something we assist with)

Basic Functions


Using the system

A key part of the Safe Ministry Records system is that you cannot delete a person from the system.
This is because records of people must be retained for an indefinite period. This allows historical records of people’s WWCC and Safe Ministry Training details to be recovered if a complaint should be made against someone in the future.

However, it is not efficient to have your church’s records to be cluttered with people who no longer attend there.
So if a person moves away from your church or dies, you should simply edit their record, and change the ‘status’ field to ‘archived’.
Then, they will not appear in your day-to-day lists or reports, but their record can be accessed if required, by running the report set up under the menu ‘Persons’ > ‘Reports’

See this entry for more details


More Advanced