Dear reader,

I'm writing this outside of my normal schedule of Safe Ministry Rep Newsletters to explain a small change in the requirement to record details of the new Safe Ministry Check in your parish Safe Ministry Records.

Previously, I wrote that there were four new fields that needed to added to your Safe Ministry Records system:

  • Date SMC Submitted
  • Date of SMC clearance/non-clearance
  • Result of SMC
  • Name of person processing SMC

There is now a small change to that:
The first field mention - Date SMC Submitted - can be dropped from your Safe Ministry Records.

The reason for this is simple: Every church will develop their own process for managing the admin around the Safe Ministry Check forms, and for many churches, that piece of data really isn't required and so it becomes an additional burden to maintain.
So, feel free to drop that field in your system, or keep it if you wish, but it is no longer required.

That means the new fields that now need to be added to your Safe Ministry Records are these three:

  • Date of SMC clearance/non-clearance
    This is the date that the processing of the SMC form is complete. That means that the volunteer is cleared to work with children in your church from that date.
    While hopefully very rare, if a volunteer is NOT cleared, it is very important that this and the next field are correctly completed.
  • Result of SMC (This should read either 'CLEARED' or 'NOT CLEARED')
    This should be self-explanatory.
  • Name of person processing SMC
    This is your Senior Minister or his Authorised Delegate, NOT an admin person who enters data.

I hope that is clear, and my apologies for yet another change for you to manage.
Those of you using SaMRO will see that extra field removed in the next day or so.

And while on the topic of Safe Ministry Records, just a reminder of the upcoming:

Safe Ministry Records Workshop

  • This is a Zoom workshop
  • A detailed 'how to' guide to plan to get your Safe Ministry Records fully electronic and securely stored.
  • Two dates:
    Tuesday August 25th 10:00am-11:30am
    Monday August 31st 07:30pm-09:00pm
    (Content is the same for both sessions)
  • Ask specific questions at time of booking to be sure of an answer.
  • All Safe Ministry Reps, ministry and admin staff welcome
  • SMR's - Make sure you have read the info page on storage first
That's all for now!

With warm regards

Neil Atwood
Parish Consultant
02 9265 1547