April 2020 News #1

Dear reader,
Welcome to the April SMR news - especially if it's your first as Safe Ministry Rep.

Just a heads up that we are trialling new software to deliver this newsletter, so please let me know if there are any problems with this edition.
This edition is just a brief update in the context of the COVID-19

Key Points:
  • Updates to safe ministry COVID-19 resources and guidelines
  • Extension to some SMT training for those unable to do online training

COVID-19 Resources & Guidelines

We have been constantly adding and refining the content on the COVID-19 pages at safeministry.org.au
So it is worth reminding your ministry leaders that they should check the pages regularly. Here are some highlights:
As the situation continues to morph and change, we will update as necessary.

Extensions to training certification

Just a reminder that due to the inability to hold any face to face training for the foreseeable time, the following exemptions are in place:
  • Any person currently training who is 70 years of age or older and is not capable of online training - they get an automatic 12 month extension to their training. Simply extend their expiry date by that period in your records.
  • Anyone else who has a specific reason for needing face to face training (eg: due to a disability of some kind) can apply for an extension by emailing the details to: smt@safeministry.training
    Note: This does not cover a person's preference for face to face training. They must have a sound reason for not being able to do online training.
The good news is that online training is very quiet at the moment (understandably), so it is an excellent time for people to get in and Refresh their training - especially if they have the extra time at home!
That's it for this edition.
Praying that you have an Easter weekend that helps you pause and reflect and thank God, that even in the midst of our current situation, He is in control of life and death, and that all those who trust in the Lord Jesus will rise with Him!

More news as it comes to hand,

With warm regards

Neil Atwood
Parish Consultant