December 2021 SMR News

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Welcome to the December update, and a special welcome if this is your first Newsletter as SMR.

Key Points:

  • Frontline Ep11
  • Face To Face Training for 2022
  • Auto certificates for SMR's
  • New online form for change of SMRs

FRONTLINE Ep 11 - Wrapping up 2021

Lots of us would be very happy to wrap up 2021 and toss it in the bin, along with the turkey carcass!
But the latest Frontline podcast attempts to pull together a whole lot of good Safe Ministry tid-bits from the year - and remind us of some things to take care of over the summer period.


Face to Face Training in 2022

With all the ups and downs of the last two years, we are hopeful that the face to face training system can get back on its feet in 2022.
At the time of writing, you can see the dates and locations for January-February 2022 on the website, with March details to follow very soon.

The structure of the events has been governed by an abundance of caution around COVID. We certainly hope that we are heading out of the period of restrictions, but we have to still have to be cautious as many f2f attendees are older and therefore vulnerable. This is one reason why each venue only has one course listed.
The focus is on Refresher courses as we anticipate a number of people needing to catch up as their Training extension expires.

The January event (being run in conjunction with SWEATCON) can be enrolled in now, and the February events will go live early in January.

Please do check to see who in your church will benefit from attending a face to face course and do what you can to encourage early enrolment. Remember that everyone needs to have an account on the Safe Ministry Training website in order to enrol.

Auto certificates for SMRs

We are closer to being able to implementing the automatic delivery of SMT certificate data to church SMRs. Every time someone from a Sydney Anglican Church completes an SMT course, a copy of their certificate data will be emailed to their SMR.
Note, this is not the pdf of the certificate, but the details that appear on the certificate. It will be all you need to update your records in a timely way.

But note:
Important note: we still find a fair number of people who do not correctly select their church from the dropdown list when they create an account on the Training site. If they do not do that, there is no way to send you the certificate data. Please encourage your people to take care and pick the right church when they create their account (or contact us via a support ticket to request the name of the church is corrected if they know it's wrong)

Change of SMR form

Related to the above item - we are close to having a new online form that Senior Ministers will be able to use when there is a change of SMR in their church.
This new system will mean much faster updating of records, which means that new SMR's can be supported sooner and I can say say 'thank you' to departing SMRs.
All Senior Ministers will be notified when the new form is ready, and I will also let you know
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SMR Facebook Group

A reminder that we have a private Facebook group just for SMR's
  • A safe and private place for SMR's to ask questions, support each other, share ideas or solutions to problems, etc
  • The address is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/173114257798286
  • Involvement in this group is entirely optional - but it is proving to be a useful extra channel for SMR's to chat amongst themselves and pose questions to me.

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My best wishes to you all at this Christmas time. May you know all the joy of celebrating the coming of God into our world and all that that means for us.
Enjoy a well-earned break, and I'll be back early in 2022 with more news and resources.

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