SMR News - New Blueprint Document

Dear reader,

This this is a very brief update to let you know that v2 of the Safe Ministry Blueprint for Churches document is now available.

You can find it here: https://safeministry.org.au/blueprints/

  • Currently it is only the 'Blueprint for Churches' document that has been updated. But as this is the 'master' Blueprint document and the others are largely sub-sets of the information in the 'Churches' document, we thought it important to release it now, with the updated ministry leader and church member documents to follow soon.
  • It is likely that the Blueprint documents for Senior Ministers and Safe Ministry Reps will NOT be updated and will be removed soon.
    The reason for this is that Senior Ministers and Safe Ministry Reps really need to be across the bigger picture of Safe Ministry in their churches that the 'Churches' document covers, and so the smaller documents for Senior Ministers and SMR's are redundant.
  • The references and links to the 'Churches' document in our Safe Ministry Training courses have been updated to point to the v2 document.
  • Key information in the v2 document now matches the information in the Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020 and other key documents.
Please download a copy and carefully read through it to make sure your understanding of the matters covered is accurate and complete.

Any questions: please contact me (Neil Atwood) via the methods below, or raise them for discussion on the SMR Facebook Group

With warm regards

Neil Atwood
Parish Consultant
02 9265 1547