Encouraging reporting of abuse

, Media   |   17/08/16

Help your church members report abuse.

No one likes to think that abuse might happen in their church, but we know it does.
And it’s easy for church members to get confused about what they should do and who they should tell when they do see or hear something that concerns them. But unless there is significant risk of immediate harm (in which case the police should be called), there is really just one call to make in order to get the reporting process underway:

The Professional Standards Unit Abuse Report Line (1800 744 495).

A call to that number will put you in immediate contact with a trained professional who will listen to your concerns and take appropriate action.
But very few people will have that number memorised, so help your congregation by downloading a PowerPoint slide to regularly include in your church notices slide pack.

Report Abuse Slide

Report Abuse Slide

Download the widescreen slide.
Download the ‘narrow screen’ slide.