What are the best leader/group member ratios?

  |   05/09/16

Some examples of leader ratios for common situations in our churches. Use these as a basis for your own church circumstances:

  • Sunday crèche with 10 children aged from 11 months to 3 years
    1:5 ratio – at least 2 adult leaders ( junior leaders should not be included in the supervision ratios).
  • Thursday Kids club with 25 children, ages 8 to 10
    1:7 ratio – at least 4 leaders, perhaps more if held away from the church site.
  • Friday night rock climbing event with 9 children, ages 11 to 13
    1:4 ratio – at least 2, preferably 3 leaders accounting for the high risk nature of the event and that it is off‐site/an unfamiliar environment.
  • Sunday afternoon bible study with 8 youth, ages 15 to 16, in one of the youth’s home
    At least 2 leaders to enable accountability standards as it is in a private home (if the parent of the youth is willing to assist/be available to the leader they may be included in the supervision ratio).
  • Weekly ministry for adults with a disability run in the church hall with 15 participants
    1:4 ratio– at least 3‐4 leaders (due to the variation in support needs between different people who have a disability this may need to be adjusted accordingly).
  • Is the class room teacher required to stay in an SRE class of 30 children with one SRE teacher and no helper?
    The class room teacher is not required to stay however it may be a policy of the school that teachers remain in the room whilst SRE is conducted. You may like to ask the teacher to stay if you think it would be helpful. It would also be good to have an assistant with a class of this size.