What is ‘best practice’ with junior leaders (<18 years old)?

  |   15/08/16

Managing Junior Leaders (those under 18 years old) needs as much care as we give the process with adult leaders. Here are the main points:

  • WWCC – Under 18 year olds cannot obtain a WWCC, so they and their parents/guardian must complete this declaration which must then be securely stored with other Safe ministry documents.
    Note: A Junior Leader must have a verified WWCC as soon as they turn 18. This transition is helped by the fact that they can apply from 17 years 9 months of age.
  • Screening – We should be as vigilant with our screening of Junior Leaders as we are with adults (a high percentage of sexual abuse of children is peer-to-peer abuse). So every church should use a comprehensive screening policy such as found in this document.
  • Safe Ministry Training – All Junior Leaders should be current in their Safe ministry Training – just as adult leaders are expected to be.
    The Junior version of the Safe Ministry Training course is designed for Junior Leaders (under 18 years). However, with such a variation in maturity levels of teenagers, some 16-17 year olds can cope with the full course without problem. But this should be managed on a case by case basis with close consultation with the Junior Leader’s parents.
    Note that Youthworks do not offer the Junior Leaders course as part of their Training Weeks, and so a Junior Leader may attend such a course at any nearby church whose Local Safe Ministry Trainer is running it.

Any further questions: please contact the Safe Ministry Representative