How to get a WWCC (Working With Children Check)

  |   18/12/16

A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work in NSW, including volunteer ministry. It includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. The result is either a clearance or a bar.
Note: The State government regards the Diocese as the ’employer’ of all Clergy and licensed Lay Ministers, and the local church is the ’employer’ of all volunteers (’employees’) working with under 18 year olds.

Your Responsibility as an Employee

If you work in child-related work in NSW (volunteers and paid workers) you must apply for a WWCC.

  • Complete an online form at to receive an application number.
  • Take the application number and proof of identity to a NSW motor registry. If you are a paid worker, you must also pay an $80 fee for a five year clearance (checks for volunteer workers are free).
  • You will then receive the outcome of your WWCC by email (or post where necessary).

A WWCC clearance is valid for five years. Your employer will request this number from you to verify your Check’s status before you can engage in child-related work.

The Employers’ Responsibility

Employers must verify online all new employees in child-related work before hiring them. The verification process is the same for all child-related workers (paid and unpaid).

An employer must be registered on the WWCC system to be able to verify workers.

To verify the WWCC status of a worker, an employer must login at and enter the worker’s full name, date of birth, and their WWCC number. The status of the WWCC will then appear on-screen.

Employers are required to keep records of child-related workers which include:

  • Full name
  • WWCC number
  • Date and outcome of the Check verification
  • Check expiry date

These records may be electronic or in hard copy format.

The WWCC is valid for five years and during this time, cleared applicants will be subject to ongoing monitoring. Employers who have verified a worker will be contacted if that worker becomes barred before the Check’s five year expiry date. In these circumstances employers will be notified of what action to take with the worker.

Click here to access fact sheets relating to the new WWCC.