What happens when someone’s Safe Ministry training expires?

  |   03/11/16

UPDATED December 8th 2016

Safe ministry Training lasts for three years.
The first time someone engages in work (volunteer or paid) with <18 year olds, they must complete ‘Essentials‘ training before they commence the work. If there are extraordinary circumstances*, there may be a grace period applied to allow them to complete the training as soon as possible, and definitely within three months of commencing work.

However, when the Safe Ministry Training expiry for an existing worker in your church (volunteer or paid) approaches expiry, they should:

  • Make every effort to complete the Refresher course BEFORE the expiry date.
  • If this is impossible to comply with, they should complete the Refresher course within 30 days of the expiry date.

If a Refresher course is not completed within 30 days of the expiry of their training, then they should step down from the ministry role(s), and they must do the ‘Essentials‘ course again before resuming the role.

*If there are very unusual circumstances such as serious medical reasons or the person is overseas, some leniency should be offered, but before doing so, the Safe Ministry Rep or Minister should contact the Safe Ministry Representative Liaison person to discuss the details.

The Safe Ministry Board clarified and confirmed the above details as policy their December 2016 meeting. This underscores the importance for all church workers keeping track of their training dates.