How long can someone serve with children without doing the Essentials course?

  |   16/02/17

In accordance with the Parish Administration Ordinance (2008) A person appointed to a children’s ministry position must have satisfactorily completed safe ministry training within the last 3 years or within 3 months after their appointment…

When someone starts working with children for the first time, it is preferable that they complete their training prior to commencing in their role. If there are extraordinary circumstances*, there may be a grace period applied to allow them to complete the training as soon as possible, and definitely within three months of commencing work. If they do not complete their training within that time, they must stand down until they do.

*If there are very unusual circumstances such as serious medical reasons or the person is overseas, some leniency should be offered, but before doing so, the Safe Ministry Rep or Minister should contact the Safe Ministry Parish Consultant to discuss the details.