How should we treat training from another denomination?

  |   23/11/16

If you have someone join your church from another denomination, how should you treat their equivalent Safe Ministry training?

The National Council of Churches in Australia have established a network of member churches across Australia who agree to accept each others training in Safe Ministry. You can see a current list of those churches/denominations here: Scroll down to view the training partners.
The agreement is called the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA)

So if someone joins your church and presents proof of current training from an approved SCTA training partner (church or organisation), then it is accepted as being equivalent to our training until the expiry of that training. You should enter the details of the training and its source and expiry date into your Safe Ministry Records.
When the expiry of that training approaches, that person will then need to take our Refresher course before their current training expires, just as our own trainees do.

If someone presents training credentials from an organisation that is NOT on the SCTA list, that training cannot be accepted and they must complete Essentials before commencing ministry with children or youth.