What happens when we need to put new expiry dates in for WWCC or Safe Ministry Training

  |   30/05/18

We have to keep historical data for WWCC expiry and verifications. This means you cannot just overwrite the old information with the new.
We also strongly recommend you keep historical data for Safe Ministry Training.
This is how you manage that:

  • When you need to update a person’s WWCC info or Training info, VIEW that persons record.
  • Note down their CURRENT WWCC or SMT info (whichever you are editing).
  • Click on the ‘Notes’ link above the Person Details window.
  • Click on Add Note
  • Use the dropdown  menu labelled ‘Note Template’ and choose either ‘Safe Ministry Training Record’ or ‘WWCC Historical Data’ (whichever you are editing).
  • Fill in the fields with the EXISTING information (ie: the ‘old’ data) from that person’s record that you just made a note of.
  • Add any of your own notes under ‘Details’ if you wish
  • Click ‘Add’
  • Return to the person’s record, and OVERWRITE the existing (old) information with the new data.
  • Save the record.

So this means that the persons normal record view will always have the current data in it, but any previous information for WWCC or Safe Ministry Training will be attached to their record and viewing via the Notes function.