Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence

Resources to help individuals and churches respond to domestic violence.


Sydney Diocese (Provisional) Domestic Abuse Policy

At its 2017 meeting, Synod approved the provisional Sydney Anglican Policy on Responding to Domestic Abuse.
This document can be accessed here:

Provisional Policy – Responding to Domestic Abuse 2017

Sydney Diocese (Provisional) Domestic Abuse Policy – with Good Practice Guidelines and Appendices

This is the same provisional policy, with some practical guidelines for it’s implementation, and an appendices with many additional excerpts and resources:

Responding to Domestic Abuse.Policy And Guidelines.Synod2017.full resources

Note: The Policy is provisional and may be amended at the 2018 sitting of Synod.

Articles and “how to’s”

In August 2015, Southern Cross published a cover story about domestic violence in the lives of church members

‘Victim To Their Charms’ Domestic Violence – Southern Cross Aug 2015

Part of the above article but useful as a standalone resource is Nicky Lock’sHow To Respond‘ list of action and advice when we experience domestic violence in our lives or the lives of those around us:

Domestic Violence -How To Respond

Links to other resources:
Anglicare Domestic Violence Adviser – 0438 826 556 (business hours)
Advice to clergy and lay ministers in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney especially for domestic abuse in a church-related setting.

1800 Respect
Support a friend or family member experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault.

1800 Respect – ‘Daisy’ App
Daisy is an app that connects women around Australia to services. Daisy can link you up with a service phone number, be used to search the internet for more information and let you know what to expect when contacting a service. Family members and friends can use Daisy to gather information and support a loved one’s decision making. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Aurora App
The Aurora domestic and family violence app is for people experiencing domestic and family violence or for those worried about their relationship. It is also a valuable resource for those worried that a friend or family member is experiencing domestic and family violence.
The app contains useful and potentially life-saving information including:

  • emergency contacts,
  • information on the sorts of behaviour considered to be domestic and family violence
  • vital information and links to support services available in NSW.

Importantly, the app also allows the user to message their trusted friends and family members or call emergency services immediately.
Available for Android and iOS devices