Safe Ministry with Children and Young People


Ministry to children and young people is vibrant and exciting work, and also greatly significant to the life of the church. Teaching children and youth about Jesus is kingdom work. It is a service to the children and youth, the church family, and to God himself that offers great opportunities, but also carries significant responsibilities for the wellbeing of the children and young people in our care. If we as a church take the teaching and leadership of children and young people seriously then we must do all we can to provide an environment that is safe from any form of harm.

The Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney wants its ministries to be characterised by grace and forgiveness, not rules and regulations; but the Bible is concerned that leaders have a particularly high standard in their personal life. Unfortunately, not all Christian workers have protected children and young people in the past. This policy has been developed so that as far as possible, such crimes will not be committed in future in the context of our church ministries.

Except where a particular age bracket is indicated, or a distinction is drawn between children and youth, references to children in this document are references to anyone under the age of 18.


Chapter One: Requirements for parishes

1.1 Responsibilities of the senior minister

1.2 The Safe Ministry Representative

1.3 Selection and screening of leaders

1.4 Safe Ministry training

Chapter Two: Ministry with children and youth

2.1 General principles

2.2 Code of Conduct for Children’s and Youth Ministry

2.3 Guidelines for Children’s and Youth Ministry activities

2.4 Age-specific guidelines for ministering to children

Chapter Three: Reporting abuse

3.1 Reporting child abuse

3.2 Reporting adult abuse and sexual misconduct

3.3 Responding to abuse

Chapter Four: Guidelines for parishes regarding persons of interest

Chapter Five: Key documents and contact details

This document was prepared by the Professional Standards Unit for the Safe Ministry Board with assistance from Anglican Youthworks. This document outlines the requirements of the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008 that are relevant to safe ministry.