Safe Ministry Map – Chapter 1


1.1 Responsibilities of the senior minister

The senior minister is ultimately responsible for making sure ministry conducted throughout the parish is safe for children and young people. In order to faithfully execute his responsibilities with regard to safe ministry the senior minister needs to:

a. COMPLETE TRAINING – The senior minister must complete Safe Ministry training at the required intervals.
The senior minister must have satisfactorily completed Safe Ministry training within the last three years before beginning his work, or within three months of his license being issued. He must complete the training every three years while the licence continues.

b. IMPLEMENT and APPOINT – The senior minister must implement the Safe Ministry Policy and appoint a Safe Ministry Representative.

The Safe Ministry Policy states:

[Name of parish] is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare and safety of all people, particularly within its own community. To ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people in our communities, [name of parish], in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Australia, will –

Carefully recruit and train its clergy and church workers,

Adopt and encourage safe ministry practices by its clergy and church workers,

Respond promptly to each concern raised about the behaviour of its clergy and church workers,

Offer pastoral support to any person who has suffered abuse, and

Provide supervision of and pastoral accountability (within the context of the ministries, locations and activities of the parish) to any person (who is a member of a congregation and) who is known to have abused a child or another vulnerable person.

The senior minister must, with the agreement of the Parish Council, appoint a Safe Ministry Representative for the parish.

c. COMPLY– The senior minister must make sure the parish complies with its obligations under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 (NSW).

In conjunction with the wardens, the senior minister must make sure the parish complies with its obligations under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 (NSW), namely, the NSW Working With Children Check requirements. The Safe Ministry Representative’s job is to assist the senior minister with implementing that compliance.

d. MEET – The senior minister must meet regularly with the Safe Ministry Representative on at least an annual basis to review the implementation of the safe ministry policies in the church.

e. MONITOR – The senior minister (with the Safe Ministry Representative and Parish Council) must monitor all basic health and safety issues in order to avoid obvious hazards on church property, particularly in rooms used by infants, pre-schoolers and primary age children.

f. REPORT – Where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is at risk of significant harm, the senior minister must report his suspicions to the appropriate authorities.

g. FULFIL – The senior minister must fulfil such other responsibilities as are required by chapter 5 of Faithfulness in Service in relation to standards for personal behaviour, the practice of pastoral ministry and ensuring the safety of children in all areas of parish life. Faithfulness in Service is available at