Safe Ministry Map – Chapter 3


3.2 Reporting adult abuse and sexual misconduct

 Anyone who suspects that a church worker is engaging in sexual misconduct, abusive behaviour towards another adult or conduct that contravenes Faithfulness in Service should report it to the appropriate authorities. Similarly, any criminal conduct or threat of harm should be reported.


Reporting suspected adult abuse and disclosures

Issue or concernReport to:
Sexual abuse of an adult by a church worker** Senior minister*

 Police

 Anglican Abuse Report line (1800 77 49 45)

Other abusive behaviour by a church worker** e.g. physical violence, bullying Senior minister*

 Regional Bishop

Criminal conduct Police

 Professional Standards Unit (regarding a church worker)

Threat of harm to self or others Police, Ambulance, Mental health service (as required)
Other conduct by a church worker**
(refer to the code of conduct)
 Ministry team leader

 Senior minister*

Contact the Professional Standards Unit if you are unsure of what to do in any circumstance or

where an allegation is regarding the senior minister

* Do not report to the senior minister if the allegation is regarding the senior minister

** A church worker includes a minister, any ministry volunteer or leader (eg, Sunday School teacher, youth group leader, organist, etc), warden, parish councillor, parish Synod representative.