Frontline - A Safe Ministry Podcast

Doing ministry safely in our churches in becoming more and more complex and demanding. And yet we cannot – for the sake of the vulnerable people in our care and the gospel – drop our guard and let our standards slip.

Safe Ministry in the local church involves everyone in those churches, but there are key people who are at the front line of the battle to keep children and vulnerable adults safe.
Those people are ministry staff, key lay leaders and Safe Ministry Representatives.
At the Diocesan end, the Safe Ministry Team (ODSM) is here to resource and assist those in our churches and organisations by keeping those key people informed of changes in Diocesan policy, State legislation and the like.
Frontline – The Safe Ministry Podcast is another tool to assist in that communication.
So it is designed for those people literally at the ministry front line, people who have to help set or implement Safe Ministry policy and practice in a church.

How does it work?

Like any other podcast. As each episode is published it will be available here and through many of the other normal podcast channels – iTunes, etc.
You can subscribe through your preferred podcast app, which means it will appear in your preferred podcast app or platform, or you can pick and chose by topic as the episodes appear and the archive of them builds.

What will be in each episode?

The plan is to cover Safe Ministry news, a main topic in more detail, and/or an interview with someone who has something significant to contribute to Safe Ministry discussion. Tips and tricks to help Safe Ministry Reps in particular in their role, and a short look at the Bible and it speaks to us in this context.
Episodes will run between 20-30 minutes each and we hope to produce them monthly on average.

Being part of the discussion.

As each episode is published, it will have it’s own space here on the main Safe Ministry website and there will be the opportunity for all listeners to ask questions and post comments relating to that episode.

If you have questions or suggestions for topics for us to cover, please contact the Parish Consultant.ODSM

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