It’s Training Season!

Article, News   |   02/02/17

Come late January, early February, churches all over the Diocese spring into life after the summer holiday period, and that brings with it: loads of people needing to refresh their Safe Ministry Training.

February-March really is peak Safe Ministry Training season, with Local Safe Ministry Trainers dusting off their notes, and Youthworks Training Events cranking up.
So this is a great time to check when YOUR training expires – do you know?
If you don’t, it’s time to dig out that Safe Ministry Training Certificate and check the date, or maybe check in with your Safe Ministry Representative to see when you training expires. And you don’t want to delay doing that!
Late in 2016 the Safe Ministry Board resolved to remove the ambiguity around the expiry of Safe Ministry Training by making it clear that effective immediately, there would be a fixed 30 day grace period for all people required to do the Refresher course.
This allows for a degreee of flexability when Refresher courses may not line up as exactly 3 years apart, while maintaining a strong principle of the importance of the training.

The details are here in an entry on our FAQ page:
and if you still have questions, you can always contact the Safe Ministry Rep. Liaison