Pornography and harms to children and young people

News   |   21/01/16

[While the symposium is now in the past, this post is left in place for your information]

Pornography and harms to children and young people: A Symposium

Tuesday 9 February 2016, University of New South Wales, $150 ($120 concession)

The conference will bring together academics, child development experts, educators, mental health professionals and advocates for children and young people to examine the growing body of global evidence on the harmful impacts of early exposure to internet pornography.

Here are three reasons to consider attending:

  1. Pornography has pervaded every level of church life, tragically affecting even children.
  2. Local churches are lights to their communities, and need to be on the front foot in understanding the extent of the problem, whilst leading the way in promoting solutions for the common good.
  3. Current regulations of Internet Service Providers are very defective, and community leaders need to rise up and hold society accountable for the growing failure to protect young people from exposure to pornography.

Key facts:

  • over 30% of internet traffic is devoted to pornography
  • over 60% of girls and over 90% of boys have viewed online porn
  • 7 out of 10 adolescents have stumbled onto porn accidentally
  • children as young as four are being referred to programs for problem sexual behaviour
  • porn is increasingly serving as the default sex educator for young people
  • porn has been shown to fuel sexual abuse among minors

Speakers include:
Melinda Tankard Reist (Collective Shout),
Dr Joe Tucci (Australian Childhood Foundation),
Susan McLean (CyberSafety Solutions) and others.