Safe Ministry and ministries that focus on vulnerable people

News   |   05/06/16

It’s fascinating to watch as our churches are rapidly undergoing change that is going to fundamentally change how we do ministry in and around Sydney. As our society and culture morph and change all around us, many of our churches are adapting by starting ministries to groups of people like:

  • Groups with people with disabilities. These can be intellectual, physical or other disabilities. Groups like Jesus Clubs.
  • ESL groups with numerous different language and cultural groups.
  • Non-English speaking congregations
  • Asylum seeker groups. Some of our churches are involved in working with the extra Syrian refugees coming into the country, but there are other refugee groups involved with out churches as well.
  • And other ministries/groups involving people from different language/cultural groups.

It is genuinely exciting and moving to see these kind of ministries springing up, but they also raise a number of Safe Ministry issues to consider.
For example:

  • how do our church volunteers make sure they are conducting ministry sessions in a safe manner when we may be unsure of the cultural implications of what we are doing, and unsure of what the members of group actually understand?
  • what can we be doing to ensure that such groups that are meeting under our churches ‘umbrella’ are conducting their ministries in a manner that complies with our safe ministry policies?
  • with group such as refugees, how do we effectively minister to these very vulnerable people and train our people appropriately?

Our Safe Ministry training material, while addressing vulnerable people in a broad way, it doesn’t address any specifics in conducting ministries such as those above.
So as a start, we are holding an afternoon meeting, aimed at Safe Ministry Representatives (but open to any ministry leaders in our churches as well), to better equip out churches to conduct ministry groups with disabled people, people with no or poor English, and other people new to Australia and vulnerable in terms of their being refugees or similar.

Here are the details:

Safe Ministry to Vulnerable People
Saturday August 27th  1:30pm-4:30pm
Hoxton Park Anglican Church

If you plan on coming can you please register your intention here.

If you have questions about the event or about implementing Safe Ministry practices in your church, contact Neil Atwood (Safe Ministry Rep. Liaison)