Safe Ministry Records Online (SaMRO) System – How to use

Keeping Safe Ministry Records

Safe Ministry Records Online (SaMRO) is a database designed for any church to use as a safe, secure easy to use system for maintaining the electronic aspect of parish Safe ministry records.

You can read about the SaMRO here. At the end of that page are links for a more detailed document and the spreadsheet template for data transfer.
Any problems or questions, email Neil Atwood

This is a guide to the basic functions of the system, but if you have any questions not covered here, please contact us directly.
This guide assumes that you already have the basic details of your church members set up in the system (something we assist with)

Basic Functions

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Using the system

Here’s a list of all the currently used fields in the system:

  • Name and Gender fields should be self explanatory.
  • Safe Ministry Role‘ = One of several options to describe why they are in the system –
    • Adult Leader‘ – Anyone 18 years old or over working with children in almost any capacity.
    • Junior Leader‘ – A leader <18 years old working as a helper in children's or youth ministry.
    • External Leader‘ – A leader coming from another church to assist in a holiday kids club or similar.
    • External SRE teacher‘ -An SRE teacher from a nearby church, teaching in a local school under your church’s banner.
  • Church/Parish‘ – the name of your church or parish in the system. eg: Riverwood or Kingswood.
  • Church Status’ – One of the following:
    • Member‘ – Almost everyone has this status – a regular person in your church (including ministers)
    • SMR‘ – Only used for the Safe Ministry Representative in your church.
    • Archived‘ – When a person moves away from your church or dies, you change this field to ‘Archived’. This removes them from appearing in almost all functions in the system, but you can easily view them and retrieve their information via the pre-defined report: ‘Archived persons’.
    • Contact‘ – Please ignore this option, it is not used in our system.
  • Email, Mobile Phone and Work Phone are all self-explanatory.


  • DOB‘ – Date of birth. You can add a note to the side of this field if you wish
  • WWCC Number‘ – What it says! The number must be entered EXACTLY as ‘WWCxxxxxxxV or E’, ‘wwcxxxxxxxv or e’, or ‘APPxxxxxxxV or E’ or ‘appxxxxxxxv or e’
  • WWCC Verification Date’ – The date the person’s WWCC was verified by someone in your church.
  • ‘WWCC Result’ – This is the result you receive from the Office of the Children’s Guardian verfication website. It must be one of the following:
    • Cleared – Worker is cleared to work with children until their Working With Children Check expires (date shown in result).
    • Application in progress – Worker has completed the application process and may begin working with children. If he or she becomes barred, the employer will receive notification.
    • Barred – Worker has been barred and cannot work with children, paid or unpaid. It is an offence to hire a barred worker for child-related work.
    • Interim bar – Worker has been barred and cannot work with children, paid or unpaid, pending the outcome of a risk assessment. It is an offence to hire a barred worker for child-related work.
    • Not found –The database cannot find a matching result because the:
      • data entered for online verification (name, date of birth and Working With Children Check number or application number) has errors
      • application has been withdrawn or terminated without an outcome
      • application process has not been completed
        It is an offence to hire this worker for child-related work, paid or unpaid.
  • Verification Made By‘ – The name of the person in your church who verified this person.
  • WWCC Expiry Date‘ – The date that this person’s WWCC expires.

Safe Ministry Training

  • Last SM Training Date‘ – The date of the most recent Safe ministry Training Course that the person attended.
  • SM Training Expiry Date‘ – The date of the expiry of this person’s Safe Ministry Training (ie: 3 years after the date above).
  • Last SM Training Type (E or R)‘ – The type of the last training (‘E’ssentials or ‘R’efresher)
  • Last SM Trainer‘ – The name of the trainer at the last course attended.
  • Last SM Training Location‘ – The church or other facility where the last Safe Ministry Training was attended.

Current Ministry Position

  • Ministry Position‘ – The role the person has. eg: Kids Club Leader, Junior high youth group leader, etc. Can be whatever you like.
  • Date Started‘ – The date the person commenced this role.
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