Safe Ministry Records Online (SaMRO) System – How to use

Keeping Safe Ministry Records

Safe Ministry Records Online (SaMRO) is a database designed for any church to use as a safe, secure easy to use system for maintaining the electronic aspect of parish Safe ministry records.

You can read about the SaMRO here. At the end of that page are links for a more detailed document and the spreadsheet template for data transfer.
Any problems or questions, email Neil Atwood

This is a guide to the basic functions of the system, but if you have any questions not covered here, please contact us directly.
This guide assumes that you already have the basic details of your church members set up in the system (something we assist with)

Basic Functions


Using the system


More Advanced


Reports are one of the most useful features of the system.
If you go to the ‘Person’ menu and select ‘Reports’ from the drop down, you will see a number of pre-defined reports.
To see any of these, click on ‘view‘.
To change the report click on ‘configure‘ (warning: this may change the way the report works.  Contact us if you need help to change a report).
Click on ‘email‘ to email every person listed in the report.
Click on ‘delete‘ to delete the report (not recommended)

  • Archived people. This lists all people in your church whose status has been set to ‘archived’
  • [Parish Name] – All. This list all people in your church by name, along with their WWCC number and expiry date, and Safe Ministry Training expiry date.
  • SM Training Expiry – 90 days. This lists all people whose Safe Ministry Training expires within 90 days of the day the report is run.
  • WWCC Expiry 90days.  This lists all people whose WWCC expires within 90 days of the day the report is run.

Using ‘Create a new report‘ link at the top of the list, you can build any report that you wish. For assistance, please contact us by email



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