Safe Ministry Records

  |   15/07/16

Keeping accurate, reliable and secure Safe Ministry Records is essential for our churches, and can be one of the most demanding parts of the Safe Ministry Reps role.

If yours is a smaller church and using a simple spreadsheet for Safe Ministry Records, the new system is a great option. But even if your church uses a church management system like Elvanto, you may still find it convenient to separate out your Safe Ministry Records – especially if your church has a significant number of other people who need to be recorded for WWCC compliance, but whom are not church members (eg: visiting teams, outside SRE teachers, etc)

The main advantages of our system:

  • A web based system (ie: you need a computer or another internet- connected device to access it) that is safe and secure.
  • Easy to use, and a consistent interface means no key information can be left out.
  • We look after all backups and security!
  • Flexible reporting allows you to produce a wide range of reports on workers in your church relating to their safe Ministry training and WWCC renewals.
  • Available wherever you have an internet connection – including mobile devices.
  • Automatic reminders of training or WWCC due sent to you and the volunteers directly.
  • No-fuss WWCC audits. The Diocese is responsible to the State government for the accuracy of our WWCC records. We currently conduct random audits of parish WWCC records. If your church Safe Ministry Records are on our system, we can do that audit ourselves. No involvement from you.
  • Security & Privacy. This is rightly always a concern. Few parishes have the ability to properly secure sensitive information stored electronically in their own office environment. Our Safe Ministry Records system sits on a professionally maintained server, using an SSL certificate for encrypting all traffic to and from that server.
    Because certain Diocesan officers (The Registrar, Director of the PSU and the Safe Ministry Liaison Officer) are required to be able to access any parish WWCC information, they have secure, separate logins to allow in-house auditing (see above). This is required under the State legislation governing the WWCC system. All other users (parish representatives) each have a unique login which only gives access to their own church’s data.
  • Formatted to comply with Diocesan and NSW Government requirements.
  • Free to use for all Sydney Anglican Churches.

If that sounds like something your church would be interested in, contact the Safe Ministry Rep Liaison (Neil Atwood) here.