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The Faithfulness In Service Conference

This conference is held every three years at the request of the Archbishop.A form of in-service training, attendance at the the Conference is required of all licensed clergy and authorised lay workers in the Diocese.

The one day Conference is usually repeated over the course of a week at 4-5 locations. The content at each location is identical.

Videos of all the sessions from the 2014 and 2017 Conferences can be watched by clicking on the tabs below.
In 2020, the Conference will undergo a change of name to ‘Faithfulness In Ministry

The triennial ‘Faithfulness In Service’ conference

was held in June 2017 at five venues across the Diocese. Attendance was required by all clergy and licensed workers in the Diocese.
The theme was ‘Core Strength’.
Special guests were: Keith and Sarah Condie speaking on resilience in ministry, and Andrea Musulin who addressed the issue of domestic violence.

The videos of all the sessions are available below (in order, left to right):

Download Andrea Musulin’s PowerPoint slide pack.
Download Keith & Sarah Condie’s Workbook

The Triennial ‘Faithfulness In Service’ Conference

was held in June 2014, and attendance was required by all clergy and licensed workers in the Diocese.
It served as the ‘Refresher’ for all their Safe Ministry training requirements, and special guests Dr Bill Struthers and Jason and Laura Huxley spoke on the issue of pornography.

Videos of all the sessions can be viewed below (in order, left to right)

Faithfulness In Ministry Conference 2020 (previously ‘Faithfulness In Service’)
All details about content and registering for this conference can be found at:

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