Frontline podcast – Episode 1

Frontline - Episode 1

May 14 2020

Welcome to our very first episode – in which Neil and Kylie introduce themselves, and talk about:

  • A major update coming to Safe Ministry Training content later this year.
  • The Safe Ministry Check – v2
  • Safe Ministry in the midst of COVID-19
  • Bible Spot: Ephesians 1:4-6a

Safe Ministry To Children Ordinance 2020
Safe Ministry during COVID-19

4 thoughts on “Frontline podcast – Episode 1”

  1. Margaret Taylor

    Downloaded Podbean Podcast App & Player but when I typed in “Frontline – Episode 1” I got the message “No podcasts found”

    1. Hi Margaret,
      It’s probably just taking a little time to be indexed. I expect that will be resolved later today. Also, I would just search for ‘Frontline’ and leave off the ‘episode’ bit.

  2. Stephanie Cario

    Thanks Neil and Kylie
    A good, informative , easy listening first episode of Frontline. I have subscribed on my podcast app and am sure lots of others will too- a great way of getting info to us!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Hope you continue to find the podcast helpful. We have lots of good stuff lined up to chat about… 🙂

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