Frontline podcast – Episode 12

Frontline - Episode 12

February 2022 – shownotes

In which we share and discuss:

  • News & Chat:  
    New change of SMR form
    Zoom workshops for cloud storage and new SMRs
    Bible Bit: Matthew 5:13-16 
  • Main Topic:
    Discussion around the new Child Safe Scheme, how it connects to the Child Safe Standards and what the implications are for our churches.
    The new legislation around the Child Safe Scheme means that we will have to look at how our church Safe Ministry policies and practices reflect the Child Safe Standards. 
    The good news is that many of our churches already have a number of the Child Safe Standards in place, and certainly our current Safe Ministry Training covers them well and embraces them in the training framework. But there is always rooms for improvement and this episode encourages you down that path.


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