Frontline podcast – Episode 6

Frontline - Episode 6

October 2020 – shownotes

In which Neil & Kylie cover:

  • Hints and Tips looks at a few of the most common questions that are asked around the Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020
  • Answer the question: ‘Is the gold medal still available?”
    What’s that all about? Listen to the interview with Archdeacon Anthony Douglas, who in a previous life as rector of the parish of Shoalhaven guided that church to a claim for gold in the Safe Ministry Check marathon! How did he do it? Listen to find out…
  • Bible Spot: James 1:1-14


1 thought on “Frontline podcast – Episode 6”

  1. Thank you for the points shared in this latest podcast (#6) as well as interview with Anthony and his Shoalhaven church’s claim for the “SMC” gold medal. Barring a couple of laggards Guildford Anglican church might have been able to claim the prize- but we are still straining with perseverance for the finish line. In the absence of other finishers maybe we’ll be able to settle for the silver!

    Interested to learn Shoalhaven has been using Pcloud storage for some time. Is it possible for us to find out (if it’s not sensitive info) the details of the size (TB’s) selected for their storage and annual cost? We are leaning towards using Pcloud after reviewing several options and wish to make final storage decision very soon.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Cameron- SM Rep, Guildford Anglican

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