Frontline podcast – Episode 8

Frontline - Episode 8

February 2021 – shownotes

In which Neil & Kylie cover:

  • News & Chat:  Face to Face Training – where have all the people gone? – Safe Ministry Rep. Parish Council reports – Safe Ministry Checks: Some quick reminders – Safe Ministry Training certificates: when needed or not needed. – Junior Leaders Training: some reminders.
  • Main Topic: Interview with Archbishop Glenn Davies
    March 26th sees the retirement of Archbishop Glenn Davies, and we talk with him about his time in parish ministry and as Bishop/Archbishop – with a special focus on Safe Ministry matters


2 thoughts on “Frontline podcast – Episode 8”

  1. Thank you for the podcast. Enjoyed listening to Rev Glen Davies especially.
    Your comments have raised a few questions which I outline below:
    1.Safe Ministry Report
    I have written Reports to Parish Council using your template. I am in a church that is merging with a much larger church which have not had a SMR presented their parish council. Is the SMR to parish council therefore an option? Should I lobby for a SMR to be presented to a meeting of the amalgamated parish council ?
    2. Junior Leaders Training
    I became a SM trainer for our church just prior to the advent of the online courses and I held 3 training sessions for our Junior Leaders. I have not held a session since then as I understood from a comment Neil Atwood made to me that such training session were replaced by the online course. Also we have not had to train any new Young Leaders. I am now a little confused at your comments about supporting the Junior Leaders as they do their course online. Our church again have some under 18s who need to do the Junior Leaders Training asap but I am a little unclear of my role – do they do the online course with me looking over their shoulder, or do they do it at home and I have a chat session with them soon after asking about concerns , clarification, what they learnt etc?
    Thank you for reading my questions. I look forward to your response,
    Elizabeth Riley

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      1. Technically, every SMR is required to report to their Parish Council at least once a year – that is set out in the Ordinance (and always has been). So I would suggest speaking with the Senior Minister of your merged church and politely ask if you can present to PC at a convenient time.

      2. The way the Junior Leaders course operates has been significantly changed since the days of face to face training. Please have a read of the Junior Leaders information page linked to above, and in particular the Job Description for the Training Mentor role.

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