Frontline podcast – Episode 9

Frontline - Episode 9

June 2021 – shownotes

In which Neil & Kylie cover:

  • News & Chat:  Safe Ministry Reps and Parish Council – tips for keeping Safe Ministry on the PC agenda.  Safe Ministry Checks for 13-17 years olds. Clergy and Authorised Lay Ministers and the SMC.
  • Main Topic: Best Practice with Junior Leaders
    The changes rung in with the Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020 means that many more parishes are now putting their Junior Leaders through the online course. How it works and some tips for how to encourage your JL’s in their growth as Christian leaders.


2 thoughts on “Frontline podcast – Episode 9”

  1. Andrew Cameron

    Thank you, Neil and Kylie, for podcast Episode 9 and info about Clergy and Junior leaders/ mentors etc.
    Noted that SMR’s are not responsible for SMC for Clergy and paid church workers such as Assistant Ministers. However, just to reconfirm SMR’s are still responsible for ensuring WWC and SM training of Clergy is maintained up to date. Correct?
    Thanks to reconfirm my understanding is correct.
    Andrew, Guildford Anglican SMR

    1. Hi Andrew,
      That is correct: SMR’s still need to keep records of the WWCC and SMT for licensed clergy and authorised lay ministers.

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